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Men's Prison Ministry Recap 4/1/16
Seven men came to first grouping of which 5 were new to our group. The meeting started with us asking why they came to the young man in his 20's said his brother died 2 days before of a drug overdose and that his brother was the good kid and now his parents are left with the bad kid....The devil is real and doesn't play's past time to push back the kingdom of darkness and take ground for the Glory of God! We look forward to the harvest of souls that will be reaped from the seeds we are sowing! The second group contained 2 men who were there at the last meeting on 3/14/16. Again tears were flowing as the Lord confirmed things to one of the inmates. These meetings are spirit led and as we yield ourselves, the Holy Spirit can minister to the inmates in whatever way He leads! We are bringing the Love of God into the prison and we are bringing life and more abundant life! There is a need for discipleship and we see that part of this ministry coming......So again thanks for your prayers and support!



Men's Prison Ministry Recap

April 1st, 2016

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